YouTube Thumbnail Downloader

This is a free online tool which allows you to download a Youtube thumbnail to your desktop for free. With this tool, you can save the youtube video thumbnail, as well as you can download the youtube video thumbnail to your computer.

What is a YouTube thumbnail downloader?

A thumbnail downloader is a tool that downloads a thumbnail image for a video. Thumbnails are small images that appear at the bottom of videos. These thumbnails help users find videos easier, especially if they're looking for something specific. When someone searches for a particular topic or keyword, these thumbnails pop up first. A lot of people use them as their primary way to access content online. If you want to create your own YouTube channel (or just make some extra money), then you'll need to know how to make a thumbnail for yourself.

What is a YouTube video thumbnail?

YouTube thumbnails are small previews that appear at the top of videos on YouTube. These thumbnails are displayed automatically based on the title of the video and what type of content the video contains. When someone clicks on a thumbnail, they’ll be taken directly to the video page where they can watch the full version of the video.
 Thumbnail sizes vary depending on how many people have watched the video, how popular the video is, and whether the video is public or private. Thumbnails are often smaller than 350 pixels wide and 300 pixels tall. However, some channels may use larger versions of their thumbnails to promote certain types of videos. For example, if the channel has uploaded a lot of music videos, then they might use a bigger thumbnail to make their audience aware of this fact.
 There are two different ways to add thumbnails to your videos. You can either upload them manually or let YouTube do it for you. If you don’t know the URL of the image, click on “Get link” and Google will give you the URL. Alternatively, you can click on “Create New Thumbnail” and select an image from your computer.
 From here, you’ll see all the thumbnails for your videos. Clicking on any thumbnail will take you to that video’s page where you can watch it in its entirety.
 Here you’ll find options to control the aspect ratio and height/width of the thumbnail. You can also set the default thumbnail size. If you decide you no longer need a thumbnail, just delete it from the list.
 Once you’ve finished editing your thumbnails, you should save them again before uploading them to YouTube. Once you’re done, you can submit the changes by clicking on the button next to “Save Changes.”

What is YouTube thumbnail size?

A youtube thumbnail size is 300 pixels wide by 180 pixels tall

How do I Download my Thumbnail Image?

If you want to download your thumbnail image, you have two options. You can either right-click on the thumbnail you want to save or use this tool to download the thumbnail. Just copy the video link and paste it into this tool and it will do the rest. Either option should work fine.

How Do I Make a Good Thumbnail?

There are three main things you should think about when making a thumbnail picture: colour scheme, size, and placement.

Colour Scheme

In order to choose a good thumbnail colour scheme, you have to consider your audience. There are tons of different colours you could pick from. But, keep in mind that darker colours tend to look more professional. Think about your brand and the type of content you post on YouTube. Does it match your branding? Is it colourful enough? That's up to you. You can always change the colour later anyway.


Thumbnails are only 300 pixels wide by 180 pixels tall. You don't necessarily have to stick to those dimensions, but you should try to stay around those measurements. Anything larger than that will make it difficult for your viewer to watch your video. Too small of a thumbnail might not show off your video well.


You shouldn't place your thumbnail directly underneath your video. That's where your thumbnail would disappear behind the video player. Instead, put your thumbnail somewhere above the video player. This gives your thumbnail space to breathe and shows off your video without getting lost. Also, make sure that your thumbnail doesn't block any text. Text blocks are annoying and can cause your thumbnail to look bad.

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